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Native American Indian Resources
Very comprehensive resource with links to major Native American authored sites. Including: stories, herbal knowledge, art, astronomy, First Nations, native schools, food, and a large page linking to other native sites on the web.

Native American Sites
Prepared by a librarian at the University of Pittsburgh, this set of Web pages covers a wide range of topics dealing with Native American issues. Separate pages exist for general Indian-oriented home pages; information on individual native nations; native organizations and urban Indian centers; tribal colleges, native studies programs, and Indian education; languages; the mascot issue; native media (organizations, journals, newspapers, radio and television, powwows and festivals); native music and arts organizations and individuals (singers, drums, artists, performers, celebrities, actors, actresses, storytellers, authors); and native businesses.

Techniques for Evaluating American Indian Web Sites
Elaine Cubbins of the University of Arizona has presented these techniques for evaluating American Indian Web sites. There are links to sources of books and reference materials as well as clear explanations of the criteria to be used.

WWW Internet Bibliographies - American Indians
This site is constructed primarily to provide information resources to the Native American community and only secondarily to the general community. It is part of the W3 consortium project. Topics covered include cultural resources, indigenous languages, history, archaeology, education, indigenous knowledge in the sciences, legal resources, health, non-profit organizations, art, museums, music, electronic texts by and about Native Americans, bibliographies of material relevant to Native Americans, film and video resources, organizations, activist sites, tribal gaming, Native American media, genealogy, government resources especially for Native Americans, commercial resources, home pages for Native Americans, announcements with Native American related content, job notices, resources for other nations on the Internet, movie stars, and miscellaneous.


IM Diversity - Native American Village
Information on career and job opportunities with employers committed to workplace diversity.

National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development
This organization seeks to increase the number of tribal and individual American Indian businesses and to develop and expand an Indian private sector that employs Indian labor.


American Indian College Fund
Organization that raises money to fund scholarships and build endowments for tribal colleges.

American Indian Higher Education Consortium
The tribal colleges have developed this organization in order to promote legislation, support the tribal colleges, and encourage American Indians to participate in higher education.

National Indian Education Association
This organization has been in existence since 1969. Its board is made up of twelve (12) American Indian and Alaska Native individuals from all across the country. It deals with advocacy and legislative issues related to education.

Office of Indian Education Programs
Site for the organization devoted to providing quality education opportunities for American Indian people from early childhood throughout life.

Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
Encourages both education and career development for Native American and Latino students.

The Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education
Contains both scholarly and journalistic articles on subject areas of great importance to Native Americans.

Federal Government

American Indians and Crime
Report issued by the Bureau of Justice Statistics that measures and characterizes the rate of violent crime experienced by American Indians.

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Contains information on education, federally recognized tribes, history, legislation, tourism, and other areas in which the federal government is involved. Frequently asked questions are answered on this site.

A federal inter-agency Native American Web site designed specifically to deliver electronic information from government agencies and other organizations to Native American communities.

FCC's Tribal Homepage
Site has information on tribal telecommunication initiatives including a newsletter, a brochure, booklet, and fact sheet.

Indian Health Service
This agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for providing federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives.


20th Century Warriors
Contains information about Native American participation in the United States Military.

American Indian Culture Research Center
Includes resources and links about Native American culture, education, myths (story telling), spiritual heritage, Indian colleges, bibliography, Native American hand crafts/gifts, and other related sites.

American Indian History and Related Issues
This site contains unique artwork, photographs, video and sound recordings which reflect the history and culture of the Native American experience in North America as well as the Indian people of Central America and Mexico.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Resources for American Indian high school and higher education students with an interest in science and technology.

American Indians and the Natural World
Site for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Exhibit examines the belief systems, philosophies, and practical knowledge that guide Indian peoples' interactions with the natural world.

The American Native Press Archives
Site devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the written words of Native peoples. Contains a bibliography, index, digital library, and more.

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School
United States and Native American relations with treaties and statutes of the United States that can be searched or browsed by century or tribe.

Edward S. Curtis's: The North American Indian
The Library of Congress American Memory Project site with links to over 2000 photographic images taken between 1907 and 1930. The volumes are organized by tribes and locations encompassing the Great Plains, Great Basin, Plateau Region, Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.

Images of Native Americans
The Bancroft Library's companion to their exhibit of rare books, photographs, illustrations, and other archival and manuscript materials.

Indian Country Today
America's largest Indian newspaper is a weekly newspaper that covers national news and events.

Indigenous People's Literature
Contains links to a variety of Native American literature available online.

Institute of American Indian Arts Museum
Home of the National Collection of Contemporary Indian Art located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Just Curious: NativeAmericans
A site for children and teens to find resources about Native Americans.

Living Voices
An online audio series available in both English and Spanish containing profiles of Native Americans and Native Hawaiians today.

Museum of the Native American Resource Center
Contains art, crafts, memories, literature, music, and history information from various Native American people across the United States.

National Congress of American Indians
National Indian organization which works for the security and protection of treaty and sovereign rights for American Indian and Alaska Native peoples.

National Museum of the American Indian
With a collection spanning more than 10,000 years, the museum is dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, language, literature, history, and arts of Native Americans.

National Native American AIDS Prevention Center
Information on prevention programs and care services aimed at the Native American population.

Native American Authors
Annotated bibliography of print and Web resources about Native American authors. Browse by name, title, or tribe.

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project
On-line versions of tribal codes, constitutions, and other legal documents of Native American tribes.

Native American History and Culture
Links to Native American teaching resources from Smithsonian Institution museums.

Native American Languages
Contains information and links for specific languages, preservation of specific languages, language family and regional sites, general Native American language sites, books, and endangered languages discussion.

Native Peoples Magazine
A quarterly journal dedicated to portraying the arts and lives of Native Americans. Select articles from current and archived issues are available on the site.

Native Web
Resources for indigenous cultures around the world. Some of the database categories include art and literature, business and economy, genealogy, history, languages and linguistics, law and legal issues, libraries and collections, news and media, reference materials, and society and culture.

This site is dedicated to disconnecting the term "primitive" from perceptions of Native American technology and art through education. Original articles with graphics and photographs focus on the Eastern Woodlands. Some examples of topics include beadwork, clay and pottery, games and toys, stonework and tools, and weaving.

United National Indian Tribal Youth
A national Native American youth leadership organization designed to help young people make positive differences in their tribes, villages and communities.

New York

A local resource Web site for the Mohawk-Akwesasne community of northern New York and the southern region of Quebec province, Canada.

Historic site of a 17th century Seneca town.

Iroquois Indian Museum
This museum in Cobleskill, NY,  provides information about Iroquois culture and history.

Mohawks of Kahnawake
Tourism, business, history, and political structure of this group are included.

This site containts a history of the Oneida nation and a description of the Oneida land claim.

Ohwejagehka: Ha`degaenage:  Iroquois Language and Songs
A nonprofit organization based on Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario, Canada that was established to help preserve and nurture the Iroquoian languages and songs.

Homepage of the Seneca Nation of Indians with information on their culture, history, genealogy, and reservations.

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
History and current information on the Tyendinaga Mohawks who originally lived in the Mohawk Valley, who are now located in Ontario, Canada. This site is also the home of the First Nations Technical Institute, an education and training facility.

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