Rural Library Sustainability Project

Rural Library Sustainability Project
Partnering with the Gates Foundation and WebJunction

Final Report, Grant Number 40914: December 8, 2005 -- July 7, 2007

Information about the Rural Library Sustainability Project is also available in .PDF format

The New York State Library participated in a joint WebJunction and Gates Library Foundation program entitled the "Rural Library Sustainability Project." The State Library worked in partnership with PULISDO and the Mid-Hudson Library System to implement this statewide project.

Purpose of the Project:

In answer to the special challenges faced by libraries in sustaining their public access computing, the Rural Library Sustainability Project supported small and rural libraries in implementing community-specific action plans to sustain their computer services. More information about the national project can be found at the
WebJunction's Rural Library Sustainability Project web site   WebJunction logo; click to go to that web site..

The New York State project involved a series of ten regional day-long workshops starting in April 2006 and ending in October 2006. Ms. Mary Ann Stiefvater coordinated workshop scheduling and conducted the training.

Library directors and staff from public libraries that serve populations under 25,000 were eligible to attend.

2006 Workshop Locations and Schedule

Workshop Participants Activities:

  • Developed an action plan to actively sustain public access computing in their libraries
  • Selected a minimum of two activities in their action plan to implement in the near future
  • Shared their workshop experiences with their co-workers
  • Participated in WebJunction's online community
  • Participated in an evaluation process through completion of online surveys

Project Goals:

  • Increase the number of small and rural librarians (libraries serving under 25,000) developing and implementing action plans for sustaining and expanding public access computing in their communities
  • Facilitate a forum of selected workshop participants (at least three from each state) to meet at the 2007 ALA annual conference and discuss the results of their workshops, share best practices, and continue to develop action plans for sustainability
  • Create an online community through WebJunction that allows continued sharing and collaboration between workshop participants
  • Increase the number of librarians participating in WebJunction activities so they become connected into a larger community and are able to take advantage of an information network

Please contact Mary Linda Todd, Library Development Specialist, New York State Library at 518-486-4858 for more information on this project.

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