Family Literacy Library Services Grant Program

The Family Literacy Library Services Program helps library systems and libraries provide family literacy services to children and their parents or caregivers. The program theme is "Summer Reading at New York Libraries through Public Library Systems." Participating public library systems work to increase the number of children and families involved in local library summer reading programs. Projects that include partnerships with community organizations are encouraged. In previous years successful partnerships have been established with schools, preschools, weekend and summer learning programs, museums, public television, historical societies, environmental centers and cultural organizations.

Family Literacy Library Services Grant Program applications are submitted through the web-based application program.

Family Literacy Library Services Grant Program 2013-2016: "Summer Reading at New York Libraries through Public Library Systems"

See the Announcement and Guidelines for information on the grants including any of the following:

  • How does a public library system submit an amendment and/or a final budget form?
  • What are the project reporting requirements and what is the project reporting schedule?
  • What is the payment schedule?

SEE: New York State Education Law, § 273 1 h (3), and Commissioner's Regulations 90.3 (m). See also Adult Literacy Library Services

2013-16 Grant Award Summary

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Tips for Writing Adult and Family Literacy Grants

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