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Web Sources of Interest to Depositories

Note: Resources listed below are not part of the New York State Library web site.

  • GPO/FDLP Desktop
  • FDLP Quickstart Guide: FDLP infoirmation for new depository staff.
  • Shipping Lister: Shipping lists in PDF format from FDLP. Begun in FY 2001, these are official versions and may be used for submitting claims to GPO.
  • Shipping Lists: HTML versions of GPO shipping lists (from SUNY at Buffalo, University of Texas at Arlington, and the FDLP).
  • Documents Data Miner 2: A collection management tool for federal depository libraries. It combines files of the List of Classes, Item Lister selection profiles, and Federal Depository Library Directory. Also contains a searchable GPO Shipping List feature.
  • Toolbox for Processing and Cataloging Federal Government Documents: This collection of tools and guides is intended to serve both new and experienced library staff who process and catalog materials distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program. In order to assist users in decision making, the Toolbox describes and compares the resources listed. This web site was created by the Cataloging Committee of the ALA Government Documents Round Table.
  • Needs and Offers List: Nationwide list for exchange of depository publications.

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